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Jun. 2, 2017, 9:59am

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Our Personal Tax software now enables us to retrieve your data direct from your digital tax account with HMRC. This will enable us to clearly select and utilise information already held by HMRC when completing your tax return.



The data currently being made available by HMRC includes:

  • Employment**
    • Records – Business name and PAYE Ref
    • Benefits
    • Earnings and tax deducted
  • Other income – pensions received, jobseekers allowance and incapacity benefit**
  • Tax refunded or set off by tax office**
  • Marriage allowance claims
  • Class 2 NIC


HMRC data can be incomplete or incorrect, so the ability to access this information and address any matters on your behalf more swiftly, is a huge advantage. 

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**Please note: HMRC have confirmed that employment, pension and benefit data will not be available until after they have carried out a reconciliation process on their end, so this data is not expected until after June each tax year.

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