Teesside Society of Chartered Accountants 2015 Annual Dinner

Dec. 14, 2015, 11:20am

Angela Foster co-hosts the 2015 annual dinner…

Teesside Society of Chartered Accountants- 2015 Annual Dinner

Who: Angela Foster co-hosts the annual dinner in her capacity as TSCA Co-Chair

Where: Jury’s Inn Middlesbrough

When: 13 November 2015

Guest Speaker: ‘Jet’ from the the 1990’s ITV television series Gladiators and Nick Parker, Vice President of the ICAEW.

In aid of: Teesside Hospice

How much was raised: A truly commendable sum of £4,285 was raised on the evening for a great cause.

Enjoy: The photos below and more in our gallery.


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