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Selling a business

Tindles aims to bring clarity and sense to what can be a complex situation when selling your business.

Whether you are considering a sale to realise your business’ value or are undergoing a restructuring exercise, the business advisory team will help you to see the wood from the trees to realise what the sale will mean for you before achieving negotiating the best deal.

The experienced team will work with you in the first instance to understand your motivation for the deal and tailor its advice to your personal objectives. Following this the structure of the sale will begin to form, taking into consideration the transaction timeframe, how it will affect personnel within your enterprise and the financial implications.

Tindles’ primary objective is to deliver the best deal possible to you. On many occasions, the deals the team has advised on have been a ‘once in a lifetime deal’ for the individuals concerned. You therefore can’t afford for mistakes to occur during this process. We are however able to offer practical solutions and sound recommendations, coupled with strong negotiating skills and a proven track record to enable the successful completion of any deal.

If you require help with Selling a business, call Tindles on 01642 878 555