“Thank you for being so honest”

Sep. 8, 2015, 1:30pm

“Thank you for being so honest”

TC-44This was said to me early this week by a potential client who had rung up to ask about a technical tax issue (embedded capital allowances for properties).

Having answered the initial enquiries about how the tax relief worked, I then asked a few questions myself to ascertain details of the particular properties. Whilst it was obvious that the properties at issue in the call would qualify, the type of use and the size of the properties meant that any claim would be small, and may not be cost effective for the owner to pursue.


I advised the owner of this, she understood and then said “thank you for being so honest”.

It struck me as a polite and refreshing comment to make, but also underlined the intrinsic integrity and even handedness that a professional adviser needs to bring to bear in this complex regulatory but commercial environment.

An uplifting conversation in the hard headed business world we all operate in.

“Thank you for being so honest” – It was nice to hear!

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