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HMRC enquiries and TAXWISE Fee Protection


Since the passing of the Finance Act 2008 tax inspectors have far greater powers than ever before. The discovery of a simple, unintentional error causing an underpayment of tax may lead to you paying HMRC large penalties as well as repaying all the tax you are deemed to owe.

The current regime is potentially so aggressive and punitive that the Tindles team devote much energy and thought to avoiding such a situation with proper compliance systems and procedures for clients. However, a ‘random’ HMRC investigation can be a seriously distracting and very expensive worry.

If you are chosen for an investigation, Tindles will assist you using considerable expertise to ensure that the outcome is as favourable as possible. In most cases the team will be able to reach a settlement with HMRC that is considerably lower than their original demand; in some cases a claim maybe withdrawn altogether.

Worried about an HMRC enquiry?

Acting to protect from the ‘Big Bad Wolf’ ever knocking on your door is the intelligent and cost effective option to your business in the long run. However, what if he still comes knocking?

Relax, we’ve got you covered…

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TAXWISE Fee Protection Service

What is the Tax Fee Protection Service?

HMRC tax and VAT investigations can be daunting, disruptive and expensive. We will assist you every step of the way to answer HMRC’s questions and to demonstrate you are paying the correct amount of tax. This requires our expertise, time, flexibility and (unfortunately) expense to be incurred on your behalf and such costs are not included in your regular annual fees.

Just as you take out contents insurance to protect your home or business, our Tax Fee Protection Service protects you against the unforeseen costs incurred when dealing with an HMRC enquiry.

HMRC tax facts

All tax returns are profiled via the £50m HMRC Connect database.

  • The ‘tax ‘gap’ between what should be collected in theory and what has been collected has increased to £34bn.
  • HMRC are tasked with reducing this ‘tax gap’ – HMRC enquiries are a key tool in this task.
  • Tax enquiries are at record levels.
  • 80 specialist HMRC taskforces have been established between 2011/12 and 2013/14. (Source: TAXWISE)


Why do I need the Tax Fee Protection Service?

All business and personal taxpayers are at risk of enquiry. HMRC activity has been at unprecedented levels for a number of years to the point where enquiries are commonplace.

Even if the tax man finds no errors, the accountancy costs in dealing with HMRC can still be substantial.

For a modest amount you can enjoy peace of mind that we can deal with the tax authorities on your behalf and you will not be subject to any additional expense. These costs will be covered by your TAXWISE service.

Commercial Employment Law Advice

In addition to the above, business clients are entitled to complimentary access to the country’s leading employment law advisors to obtain practical considered advice in the complex areas of employment law and business safety.

What’s excluded?

 Criminal prosecutions and fraud.

  • Enquiries that have commenced prior to subscribing to the service.
  • Routine compliance work, e.g. preparing tax returns.

In the event of a Tax or VAT enquiry…

Please speak to us straight away, immediate professional advice can make all the difference. We will deal with the claim on your behalf.

The next step

To ensure you are protected in the event of an HMRC Enquiry and to receive the necessary representation from us without any concern over the amount of additional fees that will be incurred, please contact us without delay.

Insurance cover is provided by Taxwise Services Ltd.

The Policy is underwritten by Irwell Insurance Co Ltd. (Financial Services Register number 202897).

If you require help with HMRC enquiries and TAXWISE Fee Protection, call Tindles on 01642 878 555