“Mongolian Warrior”

Jul. 1, 2016, 2:57pm

How do you become a fully qualified Mongolian Warrior of the ‘scary’ sort?

IMG-20160606-WA000Well you decide to get the train to Beijing starting from “Darlo” (Darlington) and take in the Trans Siberian Railway.  The journey technically started at St Pancreas with a glass (or two) of champagne before travelling by Eurostar to Paris; onwards to Moscow (including a chance ‘encounter’ with Putin – pictured); 4 days across Siberia via Irkutsk arriving in Ulaan Baatar, the Capital of Mongolia.



IMG_2984IMG_2982Part of our trip was staying in a “traditional” Mongolian Ger in Terelj National Park and the opportunity to ride a Mongolian Horse (large pony by our standards) and learning to use a bow and arrow.

My “horse” was interesting….so “windy”, we named it “Neddy the Flatulator” (Lat. Flatulatus Neddicus).

Archery training was conducted using a cow hide as a target (standing, not on the horse that being Praetorian Guard Standard) .

Managing not to fall off the ‘horse’ and (eventually) hitting the cow hide (target) with my, ahem, 10th arrow, constituted graduation to being a fully trained Mongolian Warrior!


IMG-20160720-WA000The robing ceremony followed and the photo (left) is of my “blood curdling” scream being practised!

It is strange to think that in the 12th Century “Genghis Khan” ( or Chinngis Khan as the Mongolians refer to him) together with a ‘load’ of diminutive blokes, hard as nails, and tough as anything ‘ponies’, armed with bows and arrows, conquered and terrorised much of Europe and Asia, causing the Chinese to build the “Great Wall” to keep them out;  I have now joined their august ranks!

(Ed. I don’t think so Rob.)


Mongolia?  A fabulous place, unbelievably pretty and currently moving on from a century of Soviet rule. Not to be missed Mongolian throat music, Yak’s milk and the Nomads!!

Next Episode : Reconnecting with Mao in Beijing….

Watch this space!!

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