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Buying a business

Whether you want to grow your business through acquisitions or mergers, or start a new entrepreneurial venture by purchasing an enterprise Tindles can support you. Buying a business is an exciting time but making sure you buy the right business and negotiate the correct deal is key to making your aspirations a reality.

Tindles’ business advisory team will support you through the process from the outset; firstly by helping you to identify desirable commercial opportunities that are of sound value, match your personal objectives, have solid standings in their marketplace and bright future prospects. Taking a microscope to the existing business you will be given an in-depth rundown of its commercial status, including any potential issues you may inherit once in control.

The team will then negotiate, on your behalf, to ensure the deal is right for you and advise you of the financial implications and investment before the acquisition or merger is made. Tindles involvement doesn’t simply come to an end when you sign on the dotted line; the team will continue to support you and your new enterprise to create a stable footing, and ensure commercial success and longevity.

If you require help with Buying a business, call Tindles on 01642 878 555