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Management accounting

Tindles don’t just produce the accounts! The team present and interpret the ‘numbers’ in a format so you can understand how your business is really performing.


Enjoy debating with us the interpretation of the peformance and decisions to be made!


Preparing timely and accurate management information on a regular basis to assist you in managing your business efficiently is a vital part of running a successful company. Monthly management accounts are a measure of the current financial health of your business and a powerful up-to-date tool for making important decisions.


We enjoy presenting, interpreting and debating business performance and adding value to the management decisions to be made. Interesting and very important.


Management information support, including features such as accounts, appropriate detailed analysis, budget comparisons and key performance indicators (KPI) is a feature of a well-run business.


The Tindles team works with you to ensure that your management information support is specifically tailored to your business and your own requirements. This is not a document dictated by software default reports, but is a working tool that is designed specifically for you. Regular management meetings to review this information also help to act as a discipline on the direction and objectives of your business.

Statutory Accounts

Tindles provides a thorough statutory accounting service, paying detail to dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’ when reporting clients’ annual year end accounts to Companies House and HMRC. Working in your best interest, the team create and file your statutory accounts to report on the taxable profit of the business and report the chargeable Corporation Tax profit, ensuring you are complying with your legal obligations.

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