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Construction Industry Scheme

If you are involved in the construction industry you are probably aware that the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) can be a minefield at times. Ensuring compliance with the ever changing legislation and regulations can be a full time job in itself.

As experienced specialists in the field of CIS, Tindles can reduce the burden placed upon you by running an efficient and accurate CIS scheme on your behalf whilst ensuring compliance with all HMRC directives in the process. The team will prepare statements for contractors on a monthly basis in addition to ensuring that all monthly returns are submitted to HMRC correctly and on time.

Likewise, the team will calculate and inform you of your payments due to HMRC on a monthly basis. The firm’s CIS specialists will ensure that you can focus your attention on your core business safe in the knowledge your obligations are being managed in accordance with all regulations.

If you require help with Construction Industry Scheme, call Tindles on 01642 878 555