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Payroll services

Imagine being able to concentrate on the important job at hand of actually running your business instead of being bogged down with compliance paperwork and adhering to the latest changes in employment law. Operating a payroll system can be time consuming and require extensive amount of focus, which maybe at the determent to your business.

We produce Real Time Information reporting to allow you to be completely up to date with changes in employment law.

The cost of non-compliance, even as a result of an honest mistake, can now result in significant penalties and interest being suffered by you and your business.

Allow the Tindles team to alleviate your headache and provide peace of mind by taking care of all forms and paperwork, organising a schedule to meet your timescales and ensuring that deadlines are met.

The payroll bureau service will ensure you are in safe and experienced hands, and that your business’ success is your only objective.

If you require help with Payroll services, call Tindles on 01642 878 555