‘Labour Saving App’ – Our payroll service is changing…

Sep. 1, 2015, 4:49pm

1 September 2015 Post it‘Labour Saving App’ Our payroll service is changing…

What is changing?

With effect from 1 September 2015 we will be delivering all of our payroll services including payslips, P60’s and pension communications electronically.

Employees will be able to view their payroll communications in a variety of ways including:

  • Online via a standard web browser, or
  • Smartphone and Tablets via a dedicated ‘app’.
  • The app is free for employees and is available on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices.


Payslips are published from within our payroll software to a secure, cloud based payslip portal then seamlessly distributed to employees quickly, effortlessly and securely.

  • All payslip information is taken directly from our payroll software and displayed exactly how the payslips are usually seen by employees, so in a format they are familiar with.
  • Employees payslips can be accessed instantly; anywhere an internet connection is available.
  • The system also enables employees to gain easy access to current and historical payslip information spanning multiple financial years**. Hence, saving administration time for lost documentation!

 Enough about employees, what will the employer see?

  • The employer will also have their own login details.
  • All the employer’s periodic payroll reports and summaries are uploaded to a secure portal.
  • An employer can select the reports and documents they wish to look at for that tax year**
  • All the data at the employers fingertips!


As part of our overall service improvement we are moving to electronic communications only for payroll services. In conjunction with our payroll clients, we will be developing a tailored and standardised method of communicating payroll data. We will also issue details of PAYE liabilities and general payroll details as we always have done, but by e-mail thus removing the now outdated postal exchange of documents.

This is yet another measure that, we as a firm, have taken as we strive to further enhance the services we offer to our clients.



**  The ability to access historic payslips/ payroll data relates only to those payslips transmitted to the cloud portal. As such, the payslip and payroll details for the pay period in September 2015 would be the first document available.


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