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Sucession and Exit Planning

Have you got an exit strategy? With your reputation, wealth, business success and legacy to uphold and consider, creating an exit strategy that is tailored specifically to you and your enterprise’s objectives is imperative.

It is never too early to start thinking about your succession planning and exit strategy; in fact the process of creating a plan today will ensure your business activity is streamlined and structured towards your future goals.

The team will sit down and discuss what really matters to you, not only personally but commercially, and most importantly what is in the best interest of your business.

By understanding how you want to exit your business – be it selling your enterprise or leaving it in the safe hands of an individual, or even family member, you have personally trained or mentored – Tindles will help you create a strategic plan and support you to execute it successfully.

The team will work backwards from your end goal objective to provide advice about influential factors, including personnel, succession candidates, training, potential future buyers and the marketplace, the existing business structure and management systems, current and future growth objectives, financial implications and planning, legal planning, any potential risks to your enterprise, plus your exit package and legacy.

It really is all about the planning! Without an exit strategy, and if appropriate succession planning, you will run the risk of making unnecessary rushed decisions without due care and consideration.

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