A day in the life of an Incoming President of the Northern Society of Chartered Accountants

Jul. 7, 2015, 3:26pm

A day in the life of an Incoming President of the Northern Society of Chartered Accountants… a lot of fun!


Being on the Presidential “ladder” for two years (a year as Vice President and then a year as Deputy President), you would have thought I would be prepared for the date when I was appointed as President of the Northern Society of Chartered Accountants, a branch of the ICAEW.


The ICAEW (politely) summoned me to an Incoming Presidents Induction Day for my full ‘indoctrination’, preceded by Dinner the night before.

The highlights?

  1. Meeting the other 23 District Society Presidents, many of whom were either very similar to me, or  very much not!
  2. A fascinating presentation by the ICAEW CEO Michael Izza. Every time I have heard Michael Izza speak, I am impressed by his knowledge and insight of broad areas of the political, economic, regulatory and financial environment.
  3. Also, presentations on:IMG_20150525_201329
    1. Learning & Professional Development –  Whilst the “goal posts” move on the exams and syllabus, the qualification is still as onerous and tough as it was …. and indeed should be.
    2. Professional Standards  – there are some “scallywags” out there and maintaining Ethical Standards is an on going process. Fortunately, the ICAEW are good at this (I sit on a Disciplinary Committee and so have first hand knowledge of this process in action).
    3. Marketing – Interestingly, since we cannot protect the word “Accountant” (like solicitors do) we have needed to evolve. ‘ICAEW Chartered Accountants’, is now a brand which is being rolled out across the world. 25% of trainee’s are recruited outside the UK!
    4. The Sheep – oh yes and having my photograph taken with Sean the Sheep – you are still reading though (ahem)!

The conclusion is, if you want to do “Business with Confidence” then you need to use a Chartered Accountant.

On that note…give me a call!

Rob Tindle FCA!

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