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Rob Tindle – ICAEW Council Member – Northern Region

ICAEW Council & Northern Society of Chartered Accountants (NorSCA) : An Explanation

NorSCA (ICAEW speak “Northern Region”) elect an ICAEW Council member to represent members (us) at ‘Institute’ level, every 4 years.  Since 2017 I am the elected ICAEW Council Member for the Northern Region.  

This is an important role since Council is (in theory at least) the Governing body of ICAEW, and our Council member is there to represent our interests as Members of the Northern Region. 

Matters are decided in London which can have a significant effect on us in the Northern Region.

Council Member – The Job

My job is therefore to listen to your comments, opinions and indeed gripes; and ask questions of the ICAEW on your behalf through Council and the other mediums available to me as Council Member.

I welcome member views and contributions.

Please do feel free to contact me.