Feb. 28, 2014, 11:18am

We believe that it is more important today than ever before – due to the economic climate – to nurture, train and retain our talented staff within the region.  With their qualifications in hand, Chartered Accountants maybe drawn to ‘The City’ to pursue their promising careers, but we must maintain them in the North East and enable them to reach their full potential here.


By moulding the minds and skillsets of our employees we are opening up opportunities for them to succeed and create exciting career paths.  We believe that investing in the future of our employees through training is also an investment in the local economy as in doing so we create job satisfaction, employee-employer loyalty and regional employment; not to mention giving clients first-class financial advisers.


Since training in the 1980s with a ‘big eight’ firm in Newcastle Rob Tindle has been proud to work his way through the ranks in both small and large firms, and today be a partner in Tindle’s Chartered Accountants, which was established in 2000.


Rob actively works to encourage training for people of all backgrounds so that they can replicate the opportunity he had when he started out.   At Tindle’s we endorse a pioneering ethos to nurture local people by investing in them, through training, to ensure they reach their potential.


We are very proud of our 100% success rate of our employees who have become qualified Chartered Accountants thanks to our training scheme and in-house work experience.  One of Tindle’s former trainees Angela Foster joined the firm in 2001 and within six years had moved up the career ladder and was promoted to partner.


Employees are at the heart of every business – respect, invest and grow with them.

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